Canyonlands National Park is enormous: 525 square miles—and the best way to see it is on foot. Hikes can be short; the Mesa Arch is only a half mile round trip, or they can be long and difficult with up to 2000-foot elevation changes from rim to river. Hiking in each of the three districts can offer completely different experiences, from massive views in the Island in the Sky to surreal landscapes in the Needles District to some of the finest examples of “rock art” in the western hemisphere at the Great Gallery in Horseshoe Canyon in the remote and rugged Maze District. Hikers in Canyonlands need to be prepared for the backcountry: plenty of food and water (a gallon per day per person in warm weather!), a map and compass, proper layering, good shoes, a hat and sunglasses; hiking poles are a great piece of gear to aid your journey!