The most popular Mighty 5 park is Zion Canyon, a two-thousand foot deep canyon carved by the Virgin River. Hiking Zion usually involves climbing up a portion or all of the height of the canyon walls to places like the infamous Angel’s Landing and its extreme exposure, or Observation Point and its view all the way down the canyon. Gentler hikes include visiting the Weeping Wall; a vertical face with water seeping out all over; the Emerald Pools; or climbing up the goofy Walter’s Wiggles to Scout’s Landing. There are also hikes and adventures available for those who don’t mind getting wet — walking in the river through the Narrows, or for the truly adventurous, there’s a variety of “canyoneering” routes — highly technical travel using ropes to navigate tight steepwater courses. Zion is not a good place to be in a storm, as lightning hazards exist on the rim, and flash floods are a real threat in the narrower passages. Pay attention to the weather beforehand if you’re heading to the Mighty 5’s most-visited park.