Hiking in Capitol Reef can take you through historic passages marked with ancient etchings on the canyon walls of Capitol Wash and the Fremont River. The Capitol Reef also offers absolutely surreal views on the Navajo Knobs, Upper Muley Twist trails or the Strike Valley Overlook. Just getting to the Strike Valley Overlook and Upper Muley Twist trails is a blast; either driving south along the Waterpocket Fold to the Burr Trail or coming east out of the Grand Staircase National Monument. Many of the drainages coming out of the Waterpocket Fold are worthy of a hike as well (though some require the skilled use of ropes). As with the rest of the Mighty 5 parks, summer in Capitol Reef can be hot with the sun reflecting off the barren rock — and some of the trails take you deep in the backcountry — so come prepared!