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with RichmondInternational Academic & Soccer Academy (RIASA)

RIASA has an outstanding reputation as a highly professional UK soccer academy, now offering student-athletes (men only initially) a soccer playing and training programme in London combined with an Undergraduate Bachelors or Postgraduate Masters degree at RichmondAmerican University London.

A group of people stand on a soccer field, playing the sport with a person in the center holding sports equipment.


was the original soccer academy to arrive in the UK, offering students the chance of developing their game whilst earning a top class degree.

The Director and co-founder of RIASA, Mark Ellis, played professional football in the UK for 10 years.

After his professional playing career came to a premature end due to injury, Mark began coaching in the US and met lots of talented young players who asked how they could study and play soccer in the UK. Mark approached RichmondAmerican University London to add a soccer programme to their curriculum and the rest is history.

A soccer player in green attire controls the ball on an artificial pitch with a goal and fence in the background and another player partially visible.
A person wearing a blue sports jersey with the number 4 is jogging on a green artificial turf with other players and a goal post in the background.
A soccer goalkeeper is diving to save a ball during practice, with another player partly visible in the foreground on an artificial turf field.


The RIASA London programme provides its athletes with the opportunity to work with world class coaches and mentors and provides a wide range of playing opportunities and pathways (in the UK, US and beyond) to match each athlete鈥檚 ability and personality. This sports development opportunity is uniquely combined with the offer to study a wide range of undergraduate and masters subjects and to graduate with not only a US accredited degree but also a UK accredited degree from the outstanding RichmondAmerican University London, in the academic subject of your choice.

The RIASA team has a wealth of experience in playing and coaching soccer, allowing student-athletes to experience a professional academy set-up.聽As soon as you join our academy, you’ll be thrown into intense training sessions and competitive league fixtures that will help you grow on and off the field.

All coaching, competition and athlete development is tailored daily around the academic courses at RichmondAmerican University London.

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Development of athletes

At RIASA London you鈥檒l have the fantastic chance to play in a top quality soccer academy with professional coaching and playing opportunities. We are recruiting a minimum of 18 players for September 2024 when we will be launching our first roster in London.

You鈥檒l be taken through a rigorous soccer training and playing schedule, with coaching focusing not only on your technique, speed and tactics on the field but on your nutrition and health. Get careers advice from our professional UEFA A licensed coaching team on your future soccer options, such as how you can achieve a licensed UEFA coaching qualification.

Students also have the opportunity to extend their academic studies and sporting pathway with worldwide sport and academic partner institutions, for example, in Australia, New Zealand or other institutions in the US.

Soccer player reviews take place daily through coaching methods and coach interaction but a formal review of the players progress both on and off the field takes place termly. This review also links in with the RichmondAmerican University London academic review structure.

Soccer Development Programme

By joining RIASA London, you鈥檒l be thrown into a passionate footballing environment, offering you the chance of training four times each week under the guidance of our UEFA licensed coaching team.聽 We provide the ultimate pro soccer experience, from training sessions, video analysis, regular team meetings, strength and conditioning sessions and much more.

The footballing philosophy and ethos remains the same as our Leeds campus, you鈥檒l reach your maximum playing potential as you embark on earning a dual accredited US/UK degree.

A group of soccer players in blue jerseys are training on a synthetic field. One individual is controlling a yellow and black soccer ball.


RIASA is now in its 13th year of operation, having seen many talented student-athletes develop their game and earn a top class dual accredited US/UK degree. Students are able to study the BA (Hons) International Sports Management programme for men and women alongside their football training schedule, situated in the historic UK city of Leeds.

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RIASA London

Now for the first time, RIASA students can both study and play soccer in London, it’s an exciting opportunity. Students applying via the RIASA London option can study any RichmondAmerican University London programme alongside their football training schedule. Initially we are offering this option for a men鈥檚 team but plan to extend it with a women鈥檚 team as well in the future.

Undergraduate Bachelors Degree Programmes

We teach an American style聽Liberal Arts curriculum聽and all our undergraduate degree programmes take four years. Typically, our students have 15 contact hours each week. Upon graduation, our students receive both a UK and US degree, which opens a wide range of opportunities.

Accounting and finance are more than crunching numbers. A role in either industry will prove both satisfying and challenging and also require strategic thinking.

This BSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance programme is your opportunity to gain a major step towards a globally recognised accounting qualification with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the global body for professional accountants.

Big data is big business. As technology continues to grow, digital business and data analytics are increasingly hot topics in business.

With this programme, through highly topical subjects such as Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining, you can gain the knowledge and skills you need to excel in a range of business settings, studying both the latest academic research and industry trends in this dynamic field. By the time you graduate, you will be able to influence and make informed, data-driven business decisions, gaining highly versatile skills which are relevant for any industry.

Are you ready to unlock your entrepreneurial spirit and make your business dreams a reality? This exciting degree is designed to equip you with all the skills and knowledge you need to run your own business from inception to implementation.

Beginning with the principles of Business Management, you鈥檒l consider how finance, socio-economic factors, politics, geography, language and culture all influence business.

Companies that put people first get ahead. It鈥檚 increasingly important for businesses to recruit and retain the right workforce so that they can succeed in a competitive, global economy.

With this programme you will gain the fundamental business skills and knowledge to help you succeed in any business environment, whilst developing your people management skills. In the process, this will open many possible career routes from being an expert in employment law to a specialist in workplace training and development.

Are you interested in making an impact in the business world? Gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in management in an increasingly global business environment with this programme which will take you from new student to future business leader.

The journey begins from day one. As finance, socio-economic factors, politics, geography, language and culture all influence business, you鈥檒l begin the programme with an exploration of how these can help shape business strategy within an international marketplace.

From 鈥淲assup!鈥 to 鈥淛ust do it鈥 the most successful ads have a way of ingraining themselves in your memory.

Remember the #icebucketchallenge? This viral sensation has to be one the most successful PR campaigns ever, achieving global online awareness and raising millions for the ALS Association.

If you would like to create campaigns like these and more, this programme will give you the practical know how and equip you for a successful career in either industry, advertising or PR.

True or false? How much is fake news influencing our lives already? Who can we trust as conspiracy theories collide on social media with false claims about both COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter protests? What will be happening in media in 10 years鈥 time?

Whatever the platform, media is at the centre of our daily experience and the ways in which we communicate with each other.

This programme will introduce you to a range of theories and research exploring the role of the media in society. You will also learn practical skills to equip you for an exciting career in media, including radio and video production, digital and social media, journalism, public relations, branding, marketing and more, learning from experienced industry professionals and leading academics.

Ever wondered how Amazon uses artificial intelligence to ship things before you even think about buying? Or how Uber has harnessed data analytics to become the world鈥檚 biggest taxi company? If you are fascinated by questions like these and more, our BSc (Hons) in Computer Science is the perfect degree for you.

This programme will provide you with a strong foundation in the critical areas of computer science, with core modules in such areas as programming, cyber security and artificial intelligence, while also giving you the opportunity to tailor the degree to your own strengths, interests and career aspirations through specialised electives covering areas like data mining, human-computer interaction and games technology.

Would you like to gain the skills to succeed in a digital world? Social media and digital communication have become fundamental to the work and lives of people across the world; revolutionising politics, culture, society, and business.

Our new BA (Hons) Digital Communication and Social Media programme gives you the practical skills and indispensable knowledge you need to become part of this thriving industry.

Combined with a strong theoretical spine, this highly flexible programme is transferable for any workplace or career, whether you wish to build your own brand, aspire to work for a large organisation in a digital role, or envisage doing further study.

Do you have the ideas and vision to spot market opportunities, predict the next big thing and develop digital marketing strategies which enable brands to capture both attention and market share? Then take the opportunity to study BA (Hons) Digital Marketing at 51风流.

It鈥檚 the perfect time to take this programme as digital marketing professionals are needed now more than ever to lead innovative organisations, from start-ups to global corporations.

Economics is about a different way of thinking and looking at the world. You can rely on the lens of economics to explain almost anything about your environment.

This broad-ranging BA (Hons) Economics degree offers formal and rigorous training in economic theory and offers many examples of their real-world applications, providing you with excellent career prospects and invaluable skills for life.

Would you like to become part of the exciting and ever-changing world of fashion and land your dream job in the industry?

Our BA (Hons) in Fashion Management and Marketing will help you do just that, providing you with the latest insights from the fashion industry and retail businesses. This programme also allows students to gain a strong knowledge and expertise within other fields such as accounting, finance, marketing and operations applied to fashion management.

Our love of truly great movies and photography is as strong as ever, thanks to such filmmaker icons as Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and Kathryn Bigelow, and legendary photographers like Annie Leibovitz, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Ansel Adams.

If you have always had a passion for film and photography, here is your chance to develop it even further with a BA which will both challenge and inspire you.

With a strong focus on practical experience, you will have the freedom to develop your own ideas and approach to film and photography, great preparation for an exciting career in the creative and cultural industries.

Films can open doors to new worlds, new cultures, new ideas and a new career.

Take a major step into the world of film by studying this vibrant, multi-disciplinary programme which incorporates the historical, critical and theoretical aspects of film, including television and new media.

The strategic use of finance is key to the success of every business.

Enhance your career options with this programme which will provide you with the skills and knowledge to enter a range of industries, including banking, corporate finance, fund management, wealth management, international finance, and a host of other areas.

Are you interested in looking at international history as much more than a sequence of events?

Learn how the past has shaped the present with this exciting programme which explores international history from ancient to contemporary times. Based in the historic and vibrant city of London, you鈥檒l have access to some of the world鈥檚 top museums and collections.

The topic of International Relations is never far from the news headlines as the world grows more interconnected through trade and migration, the internet and social media.

Blend the fields of politics, economics, history and law with our BA (Hons) in International Relations as you explore our ever-changing political landscape.

Looking for an International Sports Management degree with a difference? Achieve a US and UK degree and combine your passion for soccer with a BA in International Sports Management which will give you a head start on and off the pitch for a career in the sports and leisure industries. Join our highly qualified, internationally renowned team at Leeds-based RichmondInternational Academic and Soccer Academy (RIASA) for your coaching training and all of your studies.

Do you live and breathe football? Then join our new BA (Hons) International Sports Management with Women鈥檚 Football. Women鈥檚 soccer has seen a huge surge in popularity throughout the world in the last few years, both from a player and supporter perspective.

Built on the 12 years鈥 experience of the highly successful team at Leeds-based RichmondInternational Academic and Soccer Academy (RIASA), this programme will give you a head start on and off the pitch for a career in the sports and leisure industries.

It also provides you with a great unique selling point. It is the only University where you can achieve a US and UK degree, combining your passion for soccer with a BA (Hons) in International Sports Management. This programme is open to both men and women student-athletes. See our Men鈥檚 Football programme for more details.

Constant political change and upheaval dominate our lives today. Go behind the headlines to discover the structures and ideas that shape global politics, and open up a wide range of exciting career possibilities with this BA.

Whether it鈥檚 doing postgraduate study or working in government, international organisations, NGOs, business, social enterprises, finance, law, or the media, the choice will be yours.

A highly popular programme which is accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS), our BA (Hons) degree in Psychology will enable you to explore the fascinating world of human behaviour.

Learn about memory, language, creativity, personality, social interaction and brain processes and the reasons for psychological differences between people. Gain a thorough understanding of both the theory and practical application of psychology, as our programme prepares you for a professional career in psychology or any number of career opportunities.

Postgraduate Masters Degree Programmes

Our graduates are highly employable. Richmondstudents not only achieve a qualification, but leave the University equipped with life-changing skills. We ensure聽our students graduate as confident and career-ready individuals聽prepared to make a difference in their chosen field.

Advertising and PR plays a vital, frontline role in any organisation鈥檚 communications strategy. Which approaches will make a business thrive? What are the promises and threats of social media? How can individuals future proof themselves in this dynamic, energetic industry?

Discover the answer to these questions and more with our, US and UK accredited, MA in Advertising and Public Relations, London鈥檚 first postgraduate degree to unite these exciting, creative disciplines.

The programme is taught by industry veterans with decades of experience at boardroom level, emphasising the professional skills and practical training you need to kickstart an exciting and creative career. Build your CV with accredited internships and benefit from a wealth of guest speakers from every level of the industry.

This wide-ranging programme, which incorporates the study of a range of fine arts and contemporary visual forms and its relevance to global audiences, will enable you to explore your passion for the arts.

This programme is designed to provide you with the professional skills and a critical understanding of how communication and media can drive positive social change.

The MSc Digital Marketing with Data Analytics offers a comprehensive blend of marketing and analytical skills, preparing students for the dynamic and evolving field of digital marketing.

Science fiction remains one of the few genres that lifts us from everyday life and places us into a world of infinite impossibilities.

Make your dream a reality with this unique programme, the only MA in the UK that combines film and other visual media with science fiction and fantasy in which you will graduate with both a UK and US postgraduate degree.

Across the globe, organisations are seeking dynamic managers with the skills to work anywhere in the world. Kick-start a career in business with our new MSc International Business Management which is aimed at students who want to gain the specialist skills, in-depth business knowledge and global mind-set to succeed.

The main emphasis of this 16-month programme is on the development of leadership and management skills through critical awareness and strategic thinking about the dynamic world of business.

It鈥檚 also a highly topical programme. Our MSc will give you an understanding of contemporary management issues in an ever-changing business environment, and the chance to apply your knowledge to real-life management challenges, through such opportunities as an internship to extend your practical skills and experience.

Our MA in International Relations aims to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the forces which shape global politics, combining both theory and real life, with the opportunity to do an internship which puts International Relations into practice.

The programme will enable you to tackle the big issues facing global decision-makers, from war to poverty, from security to the diplomatic practice, looking at the role of the global media in all of these topics.

Are you an ambitious professional wishing to transform your career? Our MBA is aimed at developing you into a global leader who makes an immediate impact in business. You will learn to manage complex challenges, from getting the most out of your team to providing innovative solutions for a broad range of businesses, and gain one of the most respected degrees in the world.

The RichmondMBA is offered on a full-time, 12 or 16 month basis or part-time over two years on a flexible, day-time schedule. Both programmes can be started in September or January.

If you wish to forge a successful business career with a focus on human resources, this MBA can help you realise your potential. You will learn to manage complex business challenges, as well as perfecting your people management, and gain one of the most respected degrees in the world.

The RichmondMBA: Human Resource Management is offered on a full-time, 12 or 16 month basis or part-time over two years on a flexible, day-time schedule. Both programmes can be started in September or January.

This MBA with a specialisation in marketing will equip you for a high-flying career. You will develop your strategic business skills, as well as your mastery of marketing, and gain one of the most respected degrees in the world.

The RichmondMBA: Marketing is offered on a full-time, 12 or 16 month basis or part-time over two years on a flexible, day-time schedule. Both programmes can be started in September or January.

The MSc Project Management for Sustainability is a pioneering programme designed for the new era of sustainable development in businesses, charities and NGOs (non-governmental organisations).

Our location

RichmondAmerican University London is based in Chiswick Park, a stunning and contemporary parkland location. It is set in a vibrant community offering a gym, cafes, bars and restaurants, with easy access to everything the world鈥檚 number one student city can offer 鈥 learning and employment opportunities, shops, museums, attractions and sporting and cultural events.

All training and coaching for our RIASA London Soccer Development Programme takes place at excellent sporting facilities in the local area, with a combination of gyms, fitness studios, soccer pitches as well as partnerships with local sports clubs.

A city park showcases its lush greenery and unique architecture against a backdrop of fluffy clouds in the bright blue sky.

How to apply

Richmondis the only university in the UK where the degree programmes are based on the US educational approach which is a four year pathway. Every undergraduate degree student will take our Liberal Arts programme alongside their Major.

Click for more information on Undergraduate or Postgraduate entry requirements.


Fall 2024 and Spring 2025

The tuition fees per year for students commencing an undergraduate or postgraduate programme in Fall 2024 or Spring 2025 with a RIASA Football pathway can be found below, these include both academic and sporting activities fees but not accommodation.聽 Merit-based academic scholarships are also available, see here聽for more details.

Undergraduate programmes聽聽聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 UK 鈥 拢24,250 / EU, INT & US 鈥 拢28,650

Postgraduate programmes聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽UK 鈥 拢24,250 / EU, INT & US 鈥 拢28,650

(Excluding the MBA: Entrepreneurship and the MA Luxury Brand Management programmes as these are not available to study with the RIASA Football pathway)


You can apply by filling out the RIASA London application form . 聽First we need to assess your athletic and playing ability, which can be done in two ways. You can either attend any of our upcoming ID camps or you can provide a highlight video from YouTube within your application. At this stage we would like to point out that you will only be applying for the soccer side of the programme.

Apply to RIASA London


After submitting your application form, we usually need 1鈥3 days to process your application. If you have attended an ID camp, we will have assessed your sporting ability. If you have sent us your highlight, we need to watch this and determine if you meet the requirements.聽 We will get in touch with you to let you know if you can move to the next application step.


If you pass the sporting assessment, you will need to apply to RichmondAmerican University London for the degree programme of your choice

Apply Postgraduate 鉃


RichmondAmerican University London will process your application. We would expect this process to take anywhere between 3鈥6 weeks, depending on application demands. Once your application has been processed and all the information has been checked and verified, you will receive your conditional offer.